Nolan Lawson

By: Nolan Lawson
Published: 04 March 2016

PouchDB 5.3.0 is released today, with a new feature: SQLite support in Node, using node-websql. This means that, in addition to the LevelDB-based LevelDOWN (or any other *DOWN adapter), you can now also use sqlite3, via PouchDB's WebSQL adapter.

To get started, just do:

var db = new PouchDB('database.db', {adapter: 'websql'})

This feature will also be available in PouchDB Server, as pouchdb-server --sqlite.

Note that this doesn't change the behavior of the WebSQL adapter in the browser. That adapter is still bundled by default in PouchDB's browser version. For more details, see the "extras" API documentation.



  • Support WebSQL in Node via node-websql (#4915)


  • Escape unicode in auth header (#4903)
  • Fix cache-busting in Edge (#4827)
  • Better error when trying to re-use a destroyed database (#4339)
  • Cache ddoc views and filters (#4867)
  • Allow creating databases with reserved words (#4898)
  • Fix missing key in ungrouped (custom) reduce functions (#4878)
  • Fix leaking of stemmed revisions (#4372)

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