Nolan Lawson

By: Nolan Lawson
Published: 01 June 2015

PouchDB 3.6.0 is a monthly release containing several bugfixes, most notably for "retry" replication and attachment replication. It also contains one minor new feature.

New features

  • getAttachment() now supports rev (#3871)
  • Add androidDatabaseImplementation option for the SQLite Plugin in Cordova (#3835)

Performance improvements

  • Avoid application/json when GETing remote documents with attachments. This makes the replicator and get()s on remote PouchDBs more efficient, by preferring to fetch the attachments directly in separate parallel requests. You may see a negative performance impact if you have many small attachments, in which case you should inline them instead of using attachments. However, "normal" attachment use cases should see a big improvement, because attachments are no longer sent over the wire as base64-encoded strings. This also improves support for syncing attachments in Couchbase Sync Gateway, which does not support the application/json format. (#3870)
  • Similarly, for uploading of documents with attachments, use the multipart/related format rather than application/json, because it is more efficient. This also improves Couchbase Sync Gateway support. (#3876)
  • Avoid using readAsBinaryString when readAsArrayBuffer is more direct (#3877)
  • Better bit-twiddling in the md5 checksum (#3878)


  • Fix EventEmitter memory leaks in retry replication (#3858 #3699)
  • Fix retry replication when started offline (#3768)
  • Fixes for fetch() in Service Workers on Chrome 41 (#3885)
  • Fix a race condition when retry replication is immediately canceled (#3894)

Test infrastructure

  • Fuzzy replication tests (#3767)
  • Test multiple versions of Node/io.js (#3843)
  • BlackBerry Cordova tests (#3818 #3845)

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