Dale Harvey

By: Dale Harvey
Published: 07 May 2015

Do you support better documentation for PouchDB users? Do you value faster CORS and better Service Worker support? If so, then today you should cast your vote in support of PouchDB. Together, we can make a better future (release of PouchDB).

New features


  • Fallback to the fetch API where XMLHTTPRequest does not exist (e.g. in Service Workers) (#3678)
  • Stop triggering unneccesary OPTIONS requests during CORS replication (#3573)
  • Multitudes of documentation fixes
  • Fix es3ify behavior with dependencies (#3688)
  • Add source maps to dev environment (#3731)
  • Fix constructor when called with {name: 'foo'} (#3471)
  • Support for Blackberry 10 (#3737)
  • Fix detection for xhr.upload in React Native (#3796)
  • Webpack support (#3319)

Get in touch

Please file issues or tell us what you think. And as always, a big thanks to all of our new and existing contributors!