Nolan Lawson

By: Nolan Lawson
Published: 04 December 2014

Hot on the heels of the last release, we present 3.2.0, which has new features to increase developer productivity, as well as a slew of bugfixes.

New features

  • Finally, PouchDB has a debug mode! (#2874, #3084)
  • You can now use {attachments: true} to fetch attachments in allDocs(), changes(), and query(), just like CouchDB 1.6.0+ (#2771, #3074, #190)
  • The doc_ids filter is now supported for changes() (#3056)


  • Fix conflict during replication of deleted documents (#2970)
  • Only detect blob support once (#2990)
  • Fix tree-merging algorithm, correctly attach docs to deleted winning revs (#2888)
  • Fix compaction-related race condition in LevelDB (#3026)
  • Fix LevelDB bulkDocs() ordering (#3062)
  • Fix WebSQL put() local docs when missing (#3066)
  • Fix encoding of base64-string attachments over HTTP (#3008)
  • Better error for invalid revs (#2994)
  • Upgrade Browserify to v6 (#2884)

In related news

Please file issues or tell us what you think. And as always, a big thanks to our new and existing contributors!